DATE: Sunday 18th June 2023

PLACE: OYOUN space - Berlin

CO-FACILITATORS : Selma Sardouk & Tobi Ayé

A key factor in historical and systemic trauma is the erasure and an attempt of destruction of home-place, identity, culture and sense of belonging.

Trauma in general creates fragmentations not only in us but also in our communities, making it difficult, if not impossible to truly connect with others and find a sense of belonging to a community.

Belonging is a necessary ingredient for our performance, health, well-being and resilience. Hence, it plays an essential role in our mental and physical health. We have a sense of belonging when we feel connected, attached, close and accepted by a community or group of people.

And this is precisely where systemically marginalised groups tend to struggle.

Growing up or living in Europe, Bodies of culture (Aka BIPOCs) have little or no connection to their communities. Navigating between two or more cultures, when not only do none of them reflect our reality, but also when these cultures seem to be antagonistic, can lead to an inner tearing and an inability to understand how to make all our cultures part of our identity.  

This workshop addresses these issues by tackling the following questions:

How do we get out of the Eurocentric paradigm that pits the individual against the collective, take ownership of our identities and find our sense of belonging in systems that have traumatised and divided us?

What does belonging mean to us in an Eurocentric paradigm? How do we belong?

Where do we belong? Who decides whether we belong or not? How does the lack of belonging feel in our bodies?

As we carry many identities, this workshop is designed to find solutions together that suit each of us in our uniqueness. We will explore many issues from a somatic perspective to feel how we can belong with all our complexities, our authentic voice and self-expression, in a soft and nurturing environment. A container for reclaiming, rediscovering and grounding cultural resources and resilience practices. An invitation to connect with our forgotten/arased wholeness.


This workshop is for you is you identify as a global south Body and/or Body of Culture (Black , Indigenous, Asian, Latin) 


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DATE: Sunday 18th June 2023

PLACE: OYOUN space - Berlin

CO-FACILITATORS : Selma Sardouk & Tobi Ayé

PRODUCER: Justice Mvemba