Collective Liberation

To create communities where everyone has a strong sense of security, worthiness and belonging.

How can we reconnect when so many of the fissures created by systemic trauma are so vivid, present and still dividing us today? History is not in the past, it is here, in the present, because our present is still haunted by the atrocities of the past. We want to look at the system, as it is today, the social hierarchy and injustice, the imbalance, the division created in ALL of us and between us and the ways to integrate them, for collective liberation. We want to look at systemic trauma, collective trauma, ancestral trauma and how their are connected to our individual trauma. 


Collective liberation is about recognising that all our struggles are intertwined and that we must work together to create the world we know is possible. It is a totally different paradigm that goes beyond inclusion, tolerance or representation. We believe that every person is worthy of dignity and respect, and that within systems of oppression, everyone suffers. Human, animals, land, plants, and the water. 

Collective liberation rejects individualism. It celebrates collaboration and can give birth to systems where everyone thrives by having access to resources, with agency and no fear of violence, with the right to rest and play and create free from exploitation. 

When combined, our diverse identities and experiences give us the tools to dismantle systems of economic, political and social oppression, and to create a world in which all people are seen as fully human.

Collective Liberation is not just a value, but an action, it’s embodied. 




Tobi Ayé is a Somatic and breath practitioner and a skilled group facilitator with a deep commitment to working with individuals and communities to repair connections and integrate collective, intergenerational, individual, and systemic trauma. She believes that anti-oppression work begins within one's self and includes addressing all oppressed groups and identities as we work towards liberation of all beings.  MORE ABOUT HER WORK HERE 


Selma Sardouk is a therapist and coach specialised in the accompaniment of systemic and social traumas. She sets up and leads spaces for deconstruction and collective liberation combining coaching, brief therapy and North African ancestral knowledge.


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